A workshop to improve your marketing.  We’ll also have a couple drinks, so that’s cool.

Thirsty for marketing answers? Then join us for a couple martinis, a remarkably clear distillation of today’s smartest marketing, and the specific steps you’ll use to apply it to your particular business.

Two top strategists, authors, and marketing magicians will teach you that a clear plan for your marketing can inject more success (and money) into your company, no matter its size.

Johnny Molson / Chris Maddock

Presented in partnership with the snappiest digital pro we know:  Melissa Kunde of KÜCO Media, Portland


With additional support from a groovy media company that knows a good glass of marketing when they see it:  iHeartMedia/Portland

What’ll you have? The Usual?  A sip of the same uncertainty?  A splash of knowing that you don’t really know the best way to market?  Or…may we suggest something with a little more snap? How about a couple martinis paired with a remarkably clear distillation of what smart marketing is today, and how to apply it to your particular business? 

Jackson Morris - Resident Juiceman

Next event in Portland, Oregon
July 18, 2019 5:00 PM


Pacific Time

Come ready to learn how to fish. 

Maddock & Molson will give you take-home tools so you can market and brand your business the way top performing companies do.
They’ve already done it across North America with atomic success. You can do the same.

Chris Maddock / Johnny Molson

"Oh yeah, that's smooooth"

That’s what they say - the people that pay thousands to
see these guys teach marketing in this crazy tower in Texas.
This winter, they're takin' their show on the road and
bringing a little marketing magic to a spot near you.

Wizard Academy, Austin, TX

Only 27 Seats Remain. Reserve Yours Now

3 intoxicating hours with Wizard of Ads Partners, Authors, and Business Consultants Johnny Molson & Chris Maddock

Featuring special guest Melissa Kunde, partner with DigitalMarketer

In just the last year, companies like Dell, White Castle Hamburgers, Home Away and scores of smaller, local business have attended similar sessions at the Wizard Academy in Austin, TX.

July 18th, Chris & Johnny are coming to you.

a night to remember

What can happen in just three hours?

Click below to get the skinny

What you say is more important than where you say it.  You’ll learn how simple it is to  create a campaign that STICKS from two of the country’s most renown copywriting trainers – people that media companies like Clear Channel, Spectrum, Comcast and Mid-West Family Broadcasting hire to train their professional writers.

We’ll show you how to calculate a proper ad budget, and no matter what that is, how to spend it most intelligently.  90% of businesses make the same huge mistake when it comes to reaching an audience.  After this session, you won’t be part of that percentage.

Can you actually build a marketing plan and create the intelligent and properly directed creative in just 2 hours?  Not a chance in France.  But you’ll be able to, simply,  in just a matter of days using the hand outs, forms and exercises we’ll give you.  Remember, this isn’t a lecture, this is a workshop built to be put into action.

Well, if 3 information rich hours and some refreshment you can feel doesn’t razz your berries,

With your ticket purchase to Martinis and Marketing, you’ll also get:

A free, follow up review of your polished ad strategy and multi-part ad campaign.

Inclusion into the Martinis & Marketing Collaborative, a group of eager, smart and connected business owners looking to shake things up and grease their own eggs.  You’ll have access to them and they to you in a collaborative space we’ll host. 

A signed, hand-delivered copy of Johnny Molson’s Campaign-o-Matic:  How Small Businesses Make Big Ad Campaigns, the book the pros are calling “a marketer’s almanac”

Free access to Advertising 101 from The American Small Business Institute plus a drawing to win tuition and lodging for an upcoming event at Wizard Academy in Austin.  Neato! 

Purchase before July17

$ 99
limited time

Only 27 Seats Remain. Reserve Yours Now.

Still have questions?

What others have said...

in anonymous surveys after attending Molson & Maddock training events

"Thanks for your time. Was such great food for my soul being with this unique, like-minded group of human beings. Made me realize so much about myself, the corporation I work for and was pivotal in clarifying my next new direction. . .I love the Wiz Acad!!!"
"Take home materials were just right - not too much info and it was information we could discuss as a team"
"Great venue. Great job. Well done all around."
"...practical, take-away knowledge."
"Got me to think about the hard questions."
"Short and to the point. Useful. Engaging. Got ME thinking about my business rather than just telling me about marketing."
"Johnny was a great host - informative and entertaining; Not overly complicated and I felt the information was simple, yet useful."

Who's Johnny Molson?

Marketing Strategist

  • One of the international Wizard of Ads partners. Johnny has created and written campaigns around the world for local businesses just like yours for over 30 years.


  • Johnny regularly gives presentations for business associations and is a regular contributor to the American Small Business Institute.


  • Johnny has penned hundreds of articles about marketing and recently released Campaign-O-Matic: How Small Businesses Make Big Ad Campaigns

Well compensated

  • Private consultation with Johnny runs most businesses about $7500 just for a chat. Seriously, you're gettin' a bargain.

Wizard of Ads is one of the most prolific marketing companies to small businesses in operation today.  Founded by Roy H. Williams, our organization consults owner/operated companies that are bold, ready to win big, and have no fear.  We don’t do marketing like the other kids, because you don’t do business like your competitors.